06/01/2014 17:52 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Steven Seagal Wants To Be Governor Of Arizona (VIDEO)

Steven Seagal, the portly former action star of such Hollywood fare as Half Past Dead and Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, is considering a run for political office.

Following a path trodden by several film stars, most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan, the Exit Wounds actor's next role could be that of Governor, with Seagal marking the state of Arizona as his intended target.

steven seagal

Seagal indicated that he might run for the governorship of Arizona

The 61-year-old Fire Down Below star made his intentions known during the filming of his most recent reality TV series, entitled: Steven Seagal - Lawman: Maricopa County.

In the series, the veteran actor teams up with Maricopa County lawman Joe Arpaio, America’s self-styled “Toughest Sheriff" who patrols the state's southern border "protecting" the country from Latino immigrants while decrying Obama's birth certificate as a fraud.