07/01/2014 06:42 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Valve Steam Machines Unveiled At CES 2014

Did you buy a new games console over Christmas? Then we've got bad news. You don't have the coolest games machine on the planet any more.

CES 2014 is well underway and amid all the frankly pathetic tat clogging up the headlines, there are a few genuinely cool pieces of tech floating around. And one of the most important trends so far is the Steam Machine, Valve's new assault on traditional games consoles.

Taking the guts of a PC and putting it inside a lower-cost box designed to sit under the TV is a decent idea on its own. But combined with hardware this impressive and beautiful, and they might just have a recipe for success.

So far 13 of the neat little things have been unveiled, with specs and pricing to match.

Take a look at how the first Steam Machines on show at CES are shaping up in Gamespot's video report below.

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