08/01/2014 10:56 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:53 GMT

Polar Vortex Forces America's Homeless To Find Warmth Against Steam Grates And In Metro Stations (PICTURES)

As the US shivers through the polar vortex, a blast of frigid air that has toppled decades-old temperature records, those living on the streets face a constant battle to stave off the cold. In what is literally a battle to stay alive, cities’ homeless populations have resorted to any means possible to grab some warmth.

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Many huddle next to steam grates, others wrap themselves in every item of clothing they own. The wind chill makes already savage temperatures feel far colder, forcing those on the streets to seek refuge in Metro stations or under bridges.

Groups congregate around homemade fires to keep warm, fuelling it with pieces of wood and refuse. Some simply stand on the sidewalk, frozen, asking for help.

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