Polar Vortex: It's So Cold In America An Escaped Inmate, Robert Vick, Went Back To Prison

It's So Cold In America An Escaped Inmate Went Back To Prison

Just how cold is it in America? Apparently cold enough for an escaped prisoner to decide to turn himself in.

Robert Vick, 42, only managed one day in the elements before deciding that there are worse places to be than prison.

Robert Vick escaped briefly

Authorities said the inmate escaped from a minimum security facility in Lexington, Kentucky on Sunday.

As temperatures dropped into the low single digits Monday, officials say the man walked into a motel and asked the clerk to call police, citing the freezing climate for his surrender.

"This was definitely of his own volition," a Department of Corrections spokeswoman said. "It's cold out there, too cold to run around. I can understand why the suspect would turn himself in."

He was treated for hypothermia and returned back to prison, the authorities added.

The big freeze across America is about to break, as the mercury moves back up above zero, after dropping as low as minus 37C in one town.


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