Sony's £18,000 Projector Turns Your Living Room Into A 4K TV

Sony's £18,000 Projector Turns Your Living Room Into A 4K TV

There is no shortage of 4K TVs on show at CES 2014. In fact there are 8K screens too - though no one on Earth is currently making content worth watching on that particular piece of conceptual wizardry.

But if you've got a spare £18,000 and a massive, bare wall in your house, Sony might just have something even better.

Their new "short throw" projector claims to be able to create a full 4K screen on your wall at a size no real TV can currently match.

The Life Space UX wants to turn your entire living room into a screen, with the ability to "turn movie scenes into wall art". The images it can cast are up to 147 inches, and comes with speakers so it can be used as a simple - though hugely expensive - all-in-one system.

Sony said the short throw projector will be available from summer 2014. But given the cost don't expect to just head down to Currys and pick one up in the sale - this is for playboys, billionaires and the hardest of the hardcore gadget fans only.


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