Wang Jin Left With Pincer-Like Hands After Freak Accident Rips His Off In China (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

GRAPHIC: Man Left With Pincer-Like Hands After Freak Accident Rips His Off

Doctors have created "pincers" for a man who lost both of his hands in a horrific industrial accident.

Wang Jin got both his hands smashed and pulled off at the wrists due to the malfunction of a hammer machine in December at the factory he worked at.

Panicking co-workers immediately sent the 18-year-old, along with fragments of his mangled hands and fingers, to hospital.

Mr Wang’s right hand now has two fingers – the thumb and the other hand’s little finger – while the left hand has its index and ring finger.

As both severed hands were severely damaged, doctors made the bold decision of making the patient a pair of new hands with the remaining palms and digits during a nine-hour surgical procedure.

He can reportedly already move his new fingers.

"The most challenging part was bone structure and finger rebuilding, and connecting of vessels of different sizes, and making sure blood circulation could be resumed," said Professor Tang Juyu.

"With the remaining two fingers on each hand, the patient could basically have an independent life," said Professor Tang Juyu.

"Traditionally, the patient would lose both his hands."


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