13/01/2014 04:50 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

Teen Convicted Of 'Child Porn' Offences After Spreading 'Sexts' Of Boyfriend's Ex

A teenager in Canada has been convicted of child porn offences after spreading naked pictures of her boyfriend's ex.

Local news reports that the teenage girl took her boyfriend's phone after she discovered another girl was sending him 'sexts' in November 2012.

The teen found five pictures of the other girl on the device, and after making threats on Facebook sent them out to some friends.

The girl's actions were enough for the court to make an example of her, according to a report by CNN, and convict her of offences related to child porn as the other girl was still a teenager.

The youth crown prosecutor in Victoria said Friday that she had been convicted, and is awaiting sentencing.

While the 16-year-old was tried as a minor, and is out on bail, it is thought she could be in line for a harsh sentence.

But the teen's lawyer insist that while the girl admitted the offences, her actions were not equivalent to making or distributing images of child abuse.

"Our sights have always been set on the constitutional question. ...She never denied that she did this," he told CNN. "Online bullying, yes. Child pornography, no."

The court said that anyone texting naked pictures - particularly of teenagers - needed to be aware of the potential consequences.

"Always be careful of what you allow of pictures to be taken, what you send to whom," Crown Prosecutor Chandra Fisher said outside the court.

"[Teens] need to be careful what they send, what they send to each other and where it might end up."

But the prosecutor herself might need to do her research - she said that while the evidence included 36,000 texts, she "had trouble understanding" many of the messages because she didn't understand text speak.