online safety

The culture secretary has taken issue with the Tory leadership hopeful's claim the legislation 'is in no fit state to become law'.
A 250% increase in the proportion of nuisance and scam calls has been recorded as fraudsters exploit the coronavirus crisis.
Instagram is testing out a big change. From early May, users in Canada won’t see the number of ‘likes’ under posts in feeds, permalink pages and on profiles. The trial is an attempt to shift users’ focus to the content itself and not their engagements. It’s also part of a wider move to make the Facebook-owned app “safe” from bullying.
The internet’s lack of regulation can be a scary place for parents as they can not monitor what information their child receives. Although they can never be fully protected, providing the best possible protection is best.
Kids can create and share short videos – so why is it so popular?
They can no longer use celebs or athletes under 25 in their adverts.
"Children are often shocked to learn just how information and data is collected about them as they grow up."
There were concerns the device was encouraging kids to be rude.