'Onewheel' Electric Skateboard Is A Flawed Take On The Future (HANDS ON)


A self-balancing, one-wheeled skateboard has emerged as one of the surprise hits of last week's CES tech show in Las Vegas.

The Onewheel board might still only be a Kickstarter, but it's impressed virtually everyone who's seen it so far.

The board comprises one, large wheel inserted in a familiar, skateboard-like deck.

The rider places both feet on the board and leans forward to move, and backwards to break. Steering is handled by leaning, while the complex 'brain' inside the board handles the balance.

It's makers say the aim is to make a smooth, natural ride you can use anywhere.

"Riding Onewheel is like surfing or snowboarding -- no ocean or mountain required. It gives you that sublime feeling of snowboarding on a fresh powder day. Or that rush when you surf the perfect wave. Except you can do it anyday, anywhere. Get some flat ground and start riding."

The downsides are the battery - which lasts for just 4-6 miles - and the recharge time, which is about 2 hours. It also has a max speed of 12 MPH - no slouch, but not enough for most commutes.

Still, it's a neat idea and a cool piece of tech. If you're confident they can pull a production-grade board off, you can still back the project at Kickstarter.

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