13/01/2014 05:06 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:56 GMT

Oasis Added To Spotify And Rdio Streaming Music Services

Oasis - one of the last major hold-outs from streaming music services - have decided that today is gonna be the day.

The brothers Gallagher can now be found on both Spotify and Rdio.

The entire Oasis catalogue is now available to listen to on the two services, from their debut album 'Definitely Maybe' -- this year celebrating its 20th anniversary -- to their more debatably classic later offerings.

With rumours swirling about a possible 20th anniversary reunion tour (in case you're not aware, the Gallaghers are currently still in the 'hating each other' stage of their ongoing cyclical soap opera) it's the perfect time to re-engage with their music.

It's possible however that the Gallaghers themselves don't have much to do with the decision. As recently as November 2013, Liam said: "I don't even know what Spotify is."

Rdio's collection of Oasis classics can be found here, while Spotify's equivalent can be found at this link.