Polar Vortex Sees Multicoloured Ice Fort Constructed In Ontario, Canada (PICTURES)

LOOK: Let's All Live In Magical Ice Forts Like This One

Snowmen are so last year – ice forts are where it’s at.

Just check out this beauty.

The labour of love began construction in Northwestern Ontario in early December last year, when temperatures were averaging at around -25 degrees Celsius.

Reddit user UnspeakableFilth chronicled the project which saw him freeze up to 30 giant blocks of ice a day (complete with LED lights encased within), shade them with food colourings and get building.

The walls of the 25 x 25ft building were erected over the course of six nights as temperatures ranged from -28C to -35C, he explained.

Once the fort was done, it was time to have some fun – as these pictures illustrate.


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