Pupils' Funny Exam Answers

Pupils' funny exam answers

Wondering how your kids got on in their exams? Well a new website might reveal the answer – but be prepared for some crushing disappointment.

For the exams answers on Funnyexam.com reveal a level of intelligence that is both cringe-worthy and unintentionally hilarious.

The site has become a worldwide sensation after teachers from the UK and US posted their students' woeful attempts at answering exam questions.

But even if you despair at the abysmal standards, well, you've got to laugh, haven't you?

One pupil had the perfect answer to: "Briefly explain what hard water is." They wrote "Ice".

To the question: "What is a good vibration?" the respondent wrote: "There are good vibrations and bad vibrations. The good vibrations were discovered in the 1960s."

The reply to the request: "Name one of the Romans' greatest ever achievements" was answered thus: "Learning to speak Latin".

And the challenge to "Use an example to prove Tracey is wrong" in a maths test was answered with the blunt response: "She's a woman".

Another seems to generate perfect logic: "Give a reason why people would want to live near power lines." Answer: "You get your electricity faster".

And even more logical is the answer to the poser: "Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed?" Answer: "At the bottom". Obviously.

This student is simply blown away by the question: "Describe the bonding in SO2 in terms of orbital overlap and delocalized electrons." Answer: "It's pretty awesome"" And who can argue with that?

The Gold Star, though, surely goes to this Q & A: "Tapeworms are hermaphrodites. What is meant by the term 'hermaphrodite'?" Answer: "Lady Gaga".

Like Facebook, the site has a ranking system of 'Likes', with the most popular scoring more than 2,000 thumbs up.

And although there is some scepticism about the authenticity of some of the entries, we're inclined to say: "Who cares?" It's brightened up our day no end.

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