Kruger Elephant's Killing After Tourist Attack Sparks Outrage (VIDEO)


An elephant that attacked a car in a South African safari park in December has been put down, zoo officials have revealed.

A British woman and her fiancee were injured during the incident at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

But reports have emerged that the footage appears to show the tourists taking unnecessary risk while on the self-drive safari.

As the elephant appears to show signs of distress, the couple's car can be seen driving closer to the creature.

Sarah Brooks, 30, a teacher from Lincolnshire, was gored through the car door before the elephant flipped over the vehicle and pushed it into brush more than 100 foot down the track.

Despite the video footage, the park says it has no regrets about killing the animal.

They believe the animal would have been put down irrespective as it was "unusually aggressive".

But many took to Twitter to angrily condemn the park's decision:

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