16/01/2014 09:56 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

Woman's Addiction To Sniffing And Chewing Dirty Nappies Is Utterly Gross But She Loves It

"It has to have pee in it, it has to have pee in it..."

And so begins the weirdest and most gag-inducing clip you are likely to see this year.

Featured on TLC's 'My Strange Addiction', Keyshia, 22, loves nothing more than to chow down on dirty nappies.

nappy eater

What is wrong with you?

We'll just give you a few moments to process that...


Keyshia said: "I love it, it just tastes amazing. I have one when I'm cooking in the kitchen, I have one in my drawers, I have one when I'm sleeping.

"I keep some in my trunk, I keep some in my pocket book."

Oh. Dear. Lord...