Pubic Hair Featured On Mannequins at American Apparel (PICTURES)

Pubic hair is back – at least at American Apparel it is.

The always-controversial retailer has adorned mannequins in a New York store with lashings of the stuff, complete with tufts peeking out the sides and everything.

HuffPost spoke to a staff member at the store who says the mannequins went up on Thursday morning and are meant to convey the “rawness and realness of sexuality”.

The mannequins are in an American Apparel store on East Houston Street in NYC

We’ve made enquires with the UK head office of American Apparel to see if pubic hair will be appearing on models on these shores, but no response as yet.

But we're hopeful the 70's bush models would go down a storm in Britain.

The inclusion of pubic hair is meant to convey the 'rawness and realness of sexuality'

More than half of women (51%) surveyed by UK Medix in November revealed they do not style or groom their pubic hair at all and almost two thirds (62%) say their partners prefer them au naturel.

Welcome back, pubes. We missed ya.

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