Kylie Minogue 'Into The Blue': 8 Reasons Why Kylie's New Release Is The Best Pop Single You'll Hear All Year

8 Reason's Why Kylie's 'Into the Blue' Is The Best Thing You'll Hear All Year

Yes, I know that's a rather grand statement to make considering we're not even a full month into the new year, but after listening to Kylie Minogue's highly anticipated new single 'Into The Blue' (which leaked online ahead of its official debut on 27 Jan over the weekend) for the 87th time, I'm sticking to my guns.

Not only is 'Into The Blue' a bona fide, smack you between the eyes, instant pop classic, but it manages the rare feat of getting better with every listen, not something you could say about anything on Lady Gaga's over-hyped 'ARTPOP' - as much as we might have wanted to.

Yep, Kylie is back to rescue pop once again and here are 8 reasons why she deserves to be No.1 for the rest of the year...

1. It's impossible not to smile when the hands-in-the-air, joyous chorus kicks in, which is no mean feat considering we're at the arse end of January and living on Cup a Soups and Pot Noodles.

2. Sorry, did I say chorus? I meant choruses. After all, why have one chorus when you can have two? Not a first for Kylie (see also 'Get Outta My Way') but still rare in the land of pop. Just when you think nothing can top the first chorus of 'When I got my back up against the wall...' she tops it with 'Into the baa-luuuuuuuueeeeeee, with nothing to looooooooooose'. Amazing.

3. It's euphoric and anthemic but also ever so slightly melancholy AT THE SAME TIME. You'll laugh, you'll cry etc, etc.

4. Vocally, Kylie has never sounded stronger. Her voice is rich and layered and, unlike a lot of other singers, you can actually hear the words she's singing. And no, I don't care if that makes me sound like your nana.

5. You get the feeling newly-single Kylie could've penned the lyrics herself (she didn't). If 'All The Lovers' was the sound of Kylie in lurrrrve, then 'Into The Blue' is the sound of a defiant Ms. Minogue loving her independence.

6. It sounds current and classy without jumping on any obvious musical bandwagon but still distinctly 'Kylie' and follows the classic pop formula of verse / chorus / verse / chorus / bridge / chorus. In other words, it's not unreleased taster track, 'Skirt'. This is a very good thing.

7. The strings. Pop + orchestral strings never fails (see also 'Confide In Me')

8. After one listen it will take up residence inside your head but you won't want to serve it an eviction notice like you would for say, 'Gangnam Style'. Job done.

'Into The Blue' is released on 16 March

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