Depressing Study Alert: Women Go On Twice As Many Diets In Lifetime As They Have Lovers


While we already know that Blue Monday is a load of crap, smiles were well and truly wiped off our faces when we learnt that women (note: some not all) go on twice as many diets as they have lovers.

Seriously, WTF? *Consoles self with chocolate bar*

While we're not here to promote promiscuity - although, granted, it can be good fun - the fact that women feel the need to go on so many diets throughout their lifetime is pretty damn depressing.

It also provides even more reason to support Say No To January, our month-long campaign that says no to detox, restriction and the subtraction from your life in favour of positive change.

According to the study, conducted by Forza Supplements, the average woman diets 16 times in her life, while the notches on her bed post total just half that amount.

Women, the findings reveal, will typically go on diets at least four times in their 20s, five times in their 30s and a further six times in their 40s.

And nearly two-thirds (59%) of women confessed they'd been on more diets than they'd had lovers.

Personally, when it comes to fatty takeaway and a box of chocolates with a significant other or a stalk of celery on your lonesome, we know what we'd rather...

Lady Gaga

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We put the study to our Twitter followers, who were less than impressed...

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