Xander The Adorable Blind Pug Comforts Victims Of Child And Spousal Abuse (VIDEO)

This is Xander. He is an impossibly adorable blind therapy pug who gives hope to victims of child and spousal abuse.

He is a two year old service dog in Oregon who was rescued by his besotted owner Rodney Beedy.

“I loved him,” Rodeny said of meeting Xander for the first time.

“Just his personality and everything, I was saying ‘I take this dog, he’s going to make a fantastic therapy dog.”

“A lot of times he’ll hear a child crying at an event and he’s bolted several times, at least 500 feet over to this child to comfort them,” Rodney said.

At home, Rodney points out that Xander is just like any of his other dogs. "He doesn't act like a dog that has no sight. He runs around here and does different things just like a sighted dog. He goes in and out of the doggie door. He figured that one out in one night," he explained.

Xander with Rodney

Xander The Pug

Meet Xander The Pug