22/01/2014 10:50 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

'Benefits Street' Star White Dee Phones Nick Clegg, Asks Him To Visit (VIDEO)

The row over Channel 4 show Benefits Street has reached the Deputy Prime Minister, with Nick Clegg invited live on air to pay a visit.

Dee Kelly, known as 'White Dee' on the show, rang the Lib Dem leader's phone-in on LBC Radio on Wednesday morning.

The show has been accused by some of demonising the poor, while some of those who participated say it was edited to paint them in a bad light.

Clegg told 'White Dee' he had not watched the show, but said he believed both "extremes" of the argument were probably wrong.

She said the show had been a "shock", claiming it had been "very cleverly edited".

She invited Clegg to pay the street a visit, challenging him to win her back after she voted Labour at the last election.

Clegg did not want to commit, saying: "I'd love to meet Dee, but I'm not going to on-air make promises I'm going to turn up on your street, Dee."