Nelson Mandela Statue Conceals Tiny Bunny Rabbit In Its Ear (PICTURES, VIDEO)

Why Is There A Tiny Bunny Nestling In The Ear Of This Nelson Mandela Statue?

A 30ft bronze statue commemorating Nelson Mandela, has been unveiled in Pretoria - with a curious addition.

For nestling in the right ear of the former South African president is a tiny rabbit – placed there by the sculptors.

It was reportedly placed there as a trademark signature and to denote the haste with which the statue was constructed. Rabbit in Afrikaans is “haas”, which also means haste, the BBC points out.

Caught on the hop: A tiny bronze rabbit peeks out of the right ear of this Nelson Mandela statue

The statue was unveiled a day after Mandela’s burial on 15 December, but officials want the bunny removed, the Associated Press reports.

The country’s department of arts and culture are currently in discussions with the sculptors - Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren - on how to take it out without damaging the statue.

“We accept their apology and that their intentions were honourable,” said department spokesman Josias Pila in a statement published by Afrique en Ligne.

The statue was unveiled in Pretoria the day after Mandela's burial on 15 December


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