Could The Snuggie Sutra Be Applied To Having Sex In Your Onesie?

The Snuggie Sutra: A Blueprint For Sexy Time In Your Snuggie?

For better or worse, the onesie has moved on from being a gimmick product to a permanent fixture in fashion aisles.

And as uses for the adult romper evolve - for instance, saving a baby's life - new rules have to be set for other areas of our life - eating, sleeping and having sex.

Yet as we've discovered, the couples version of the twinsie is relationship death. So are there ways of having sex in your onesie that doesn't involve a trip to A&E or imminent singledom?

You may want to take inspiration from a new sex guide for snuggies - the US favourite armchair companion which is a blanket with armholes. Behold: The Snuggie Sutra.

The Snuggie Sutra motto is: "You have a snuggie. You have sex. It was inevitable." Take a look at other helpful suggestions...

(H/T: Imgur)

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