Norwegian Whale Meat On Sale At European Food Fair In Berlin, Activists Say

Rodger Klein via Getty Images

A dish of smoked minke whale with blueberry jam is being sold at a major European food and agricultural fair, campaigners have said.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) and marine protection organisation MEER eV said they found the offering containing Norwegian whale meat on sale illegally at the Berlin Green Week fair in Germany, following a tip-off.

Import and sale of whale and dolphin meat to the European Union is illegal, and WDC has brought the sale of the meat to the attention of the German Federal Environment Ministry, which is investigating it.

Astrid Fuchs, campaign manager at WDC, said: "The fact that the meat of a species which is strictly protected in Germany and the whole EU is offered for sale is scandalous.

"This underlines the fact that there is an urgent need for a greater application of existing laws.

"Not only has Norway broken the law here several times - by importation and sale - but the unsuspecting visitors to the fair will also be breaking existing laws by purchasing the meat.

"It is incredible that this is going on under the noses of the authorities at such a big, international exhibition."

The discovery, which comes just weeks after WDC exposed a beer in Iceland with whale meal in it, is more proof of whalers' attempts to find new markets to prop up a failing industry, the wildlife charity said.