Doctor James Grant Survives Shark Bite, Swims To Shore & Stitches Up Wounds

A Doctor Was Attacked By A Shark. What He Did Next Was Totally Badass

Doctor James Grant has single-handedly redefined the word ‘badass’.

The 24-year-old was bitten on the leg by a shark as he fished with friends off New Zealand’s Garden Bay.

So you know what he did? Stabbed it repeatedly with his diving knife, before returning to shore, retrieving his first aid kit and calmly stitching up his wounds.

Junior Doctor James Grant believes he was attacked by a sevengill shark (file picture)

Having alerted his friends, Grant was eventually taken to hospital, but not before he stopped for a beer at the nearby Colac Bay Tavern.

“The we brought out the big first-aid kit and got a little bandage out. There were a couple of good holes on both sides of his leg.”

Grant added: “I think I must have been pretty adrenalised at the time because I couldn’t really feel it.”

They can reach up to 3m in length and are known to live as long as 49 years.


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