'The Simpsons' Take On Google Glass With Hilarious, Slightly Bittersweet Results

Even though its much-noted quality slide is pretty hard to dispute, 'The Simpsons' is still capable of some pretty biting social satire on occasion. And now, inevitably, it's taken on Google Glass. More surprising is that their take is actually pretty funny - and insightful.

In an episode just broadcast in the States, Mr Burns gives his employees a pair of 'Oogle Goggles' for their annual gift - in an effort to keep tabs on office theft. Immediately Springfield takes to the Glasses, but quickly they realise that not everything in life is augmented by a pair of AR glasses.

"I’m watching videos of idiots wearing these glasses and not paying attention to the world around them," Homer says at one point, before reaching over to his alarm clock and biting a chunk out of it instead of a sandwich.

Take a look at how the show skewered Google's not-even-released-here Goggles.