Dragonfly High-Rise Farm By Vincent Callebaut Architects Could Solve Our Urban Living Needsarchitecture,

This Epic High-Rise Is The City Of The Future
Vincent Callebaut Architecture

A Belgian architect thinks he's solved the problems of over-crowding and a lack of food in the cities of the future.

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Meet 'Dragonfly', essentially a gigantic collection of farms, orchards, apartments and living places in one epic building - 132 floors -practically a city within a city.

It's creator, Vincent Callebaut, 36, told AFP: "We need to invent new ways of living in the future.

"The city of tomorrow will be dense, green and connected. The goal is to bring agriculture and nature back into the urban core so that by 2050...we have green, sustainable cities where humans live in balance with their environment."

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The building will utilise captured rainwater, wind and sunlight to power itself.

Callebaut has already designed a number of similarly futuristic delights, all of which can be viewed here.

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