Paul Lovell Trial: 'I Was Just Relaxing,' Says Man Accused Of Cow And Sheep Sex Acts Near Spurs Training Ground

'I Was Just Relaxing,' Says Man Accused Of Cow And Sheep Sex Acts
head of a cow against the sky.
head of a cow against the sky.

A man accused of attempting to bugger a sheep after he could not get a cow to fellate him told police he was "just relaxing", a court has heard.

According to witnesses, Paul Lovell, 61, was completely naked upon his arrest – apart from his socks and shoes.

A young couple's romantic picnic next to Tottenham's training ground in Enfield, north London, was interrupted when they spotted the IT worker roaming the fields near the animals.

Lovell gestured towards the animals to encourage them to fellate him, Wood Green Crown Court heard on Wednesday.

When he could not get a cow to oblige he attempted to have sex with a sheep from behind, it is claimed.

He decided to lie on the ground naked after the bemused animals wandered away, the court heard.

Fearing for his mental well being, Lawrence Stephen and his girlfriend Natasha Brennan called the police.

When the police arrived and asked Lovell what he was doing, he allegedly replied: "Just relaxing," the Evening Standard reported.

The officers who attended the scene denied the assertion of defence counsel Clare Dowse that they could have been "mistaken" in what they saw, the court heard.

They explained that Lovell refused to answer questions at Edmondton police station and was a "wall of silence" following his arrest.

On Tuesday, the exasperated judge had to tell off jury members after they would not stop laughing at details of the case.

Sniggering could be heard from the jury panel while details of Lovell's alleged offences were described.

"If you do find the case particularly funny, if you can try to get over your laughter over lunch that would be great," said Judge James Patrick.

Lovell of Magpie Close, Enfield, denies outraging public decency by trying to commit sexual acts with animals in a public place.

The trial continues.

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