Kylie Minogue And Her Famous Bottom Make A Return In Instagram 'Work Out' Pic

You might have heard that Kylie Minogue has a new single and brand new album coming out so it was only a matter of time before her world famous derrière put in an appearance.

Kylie posted a snap of her sticking out her tush as she (ahem) 'worked out' in a mini-dress and killer heels in the gym on Instagram.

Kylie Minogue

Maybe we didn't get the memo about this glamorous new gym trend because it's still all stinky sweat pants and bad lycra down our local Fitness First.

But glam as ever, Kyles didn't so much as work up a sweat as she straddled an exercise bike to pose for the snap.

And there we were thinking she kept her posterior in perfect shape by doing hundreds of lunges each morning.

Life just ain't fair sometimes.

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