05/02/2014 06:58 GMT | Updated 05/02/2014 07:59 GMT

Student Does Neknominate In Front Of Packed Lecture Theatre

A student has taken the controversial Neknominate craze to the next level - by completing his challenge in the middle of a packed lecture theatre.

The video, posted by student paper The Tab, shows Leeds Metropolitan University student Rob Morrison interrupting the University of Leeds lecture with a vuvuzela, and downing his pint in front of hundreds of students - and a lecturer.

He then makes his escape by walking across the desks while blowing the horn, pursued by the lecturer - although he's not as disgruntled as he looks.

Morrison told HuffPost UK: "They've taken it in good spirit which is how it was intended to be. It was at the start of the lecture so there was no real disturbance".

"The lecturer found the funny side, and even laughed I've been told."

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The Leeds Met student finished his drink in a stomach-churning seven seconds.

The daring challenge was filmed from another angle by Leeds Uni student Jamie Studdert-Kennedy.

Talking about the video, Morrison said "Due to all the stories in the news about people doing Neknominations in dangerous ways I thought something needed to be done".

"I'm downing a pint, no added mixture or disgusting things. It's no different to what you'd see in pubs up and down the country each weekend."

Despite the incredibly popular drinking game being blamed for the deaths of two Northern Irish students, the craze shows no signs of stopping.

Morrison said: "Yes, people have died. That comes down to the individual doing something he or she shouldn't."

"My video is a perfect example of how it should be done. Funny, with no risk to me, or anyone around me."

So is this video the future of more responsible Neknominations? Morrison added: "My friends think it's brilliant and I've influenced a lot them to keep the videos funny and safe instead of doing something stupid and dangerous."

"Neknomination isn't about how dangerous or disgusting it is, it's about how unique and funny you can make it whilst keeping it safe."