07/02/2014 08:19 GMT | Updated 07/02/2014 08:59 GMT

UK Weather Now So Rubbish Penguins Are Being Given Antidepressants

It's a worldwide joke that, yes, British weather is crap.

But now, it has got so bad that one town's zoo animals are on antidepressants.

With seemingly-endless torrential rain, forceful gale winds and generally abysmal conditions, the wild humboldt penguins at the Sea Life Centre in North Yorkshire are being prescribed "uppers" by their analyst zookeepers.

humboldt penguins

The depressed penguins come from the coastal areas of South America, and are apparently used to slightly nicer conditions. So our awful weather is making them sad and in need of a p-p-p-p-pick me up.

"Humboldts in the wild on the coast of Peru and Chile can be subjected to some pretty wild extremes of weather. What they don't get though is weeks of almost daily downpours and high winds," Lyndsey Crawford of the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary was quoted as saying in The Guardian.

Their display manager added that the penguins have been "thoroughly fed-up and miserable, much like the rest of us."

It is the first time the dozen Humboldt penguins have needed such medication since they were severely stressed by a break-in at the attraction almost three years ago.

Zookeepers hope that the penguins' mood will improve when we get some consistent sun — i.e. never.