Cat Shot In Face With Arrow Will Make Full Recovery (And She's Been Nicknamed 'Quiver')

Despite initial fears she would have to be put down, a cat shot in the face with an arrow is expected to make a full recovery say vets.

The aptly nicknamed 'Quiver', was found along a walking trail in Nisson Park, in southern Utah last Wednesday.

The one-year-old tabby was taken to the Washington Family Vet Clinic, where they operated and removed the projectile which had exited at her shoulder.

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"She doesn’t look too hot right now but her attitude is amazing."

Quiver was left with a hole half an inch in diameter in her nose and was unable to eat without food leaking out of the wound.

Dr Jace King from the Washington Family Vet Clinic, said: "She had nine lives.

"I think she’ll make a full recovery."

Police are investigating the incident but do not know if she was shot deliberately or accidentally by a stray arrow.