Strip NekNomination Sees Rebecca Dagley Down Pint In Just Her Underwear In Asda (VIDEO)

It was probably inevitable...

A Leicester woman has taken the NekNomination crake one step further by stripping down to her underwear - in Asda.

The internet craze has already seen horse-riding drinkers and vuvuzela-wielding students take part but so far, most have remained fully clothed.

Rebecca Dagley, 19, told the Leicster Mercury: "I just found an aisle and tried to drink it [the lager] before security came over.

"Anyone who know’s me will say I’m either utterly boring or completely outrageous - it’s just me."

As is tradition, Dagley nominated three friends to carry on the chain.

NekNominations have been implicated in the deaths of two men in Ireland and have come under fire from health campaigners.

Those taking part insist it is just a bit of fun.

Dagely said: "It’s like anything in life, you have to be responsible and not stupid.

"It’s all harmless fun.

"Some of the older lot, who are past it, need to remember, they were young once."