UK Weather: ‘Cats Could Be Blown Away' By Latest Storm To Batter Britain

Do you own a cat? Watch out, it could be whisked away in the style Of Dorothy being taken to Oz.

Our weather is now so crap, pet owners are being warned to keep their cats at home over the next few days to avoid them being "blown away" by severe winds.

"It might be necessary to keep cats inside if the winds become very extreme," RSPCA companion animal scientist Alice Potter said.

"People should remember to make sure they have everything they need, especially places to hide (and a litter tray if they don’t usually have one)."

She said the heavy rains and strong winds could also pose a danger to dogs, which could be swept away by floods.

Potter added: "Dog owners should plan walks so that the extreme weather can be avoided, and dogs should be accompanied at all times."