Baby P's Mother, Tracey Connelly, Wants Bigger House Because She 'Suffered' Over Death Of Her Son

The mother of Baby P - who allowed him to be tortured to death - is demanding the council give her a bigger house as she "suffered" with the loss of her son.

Tracey Connelly wants to be bumped up the waiting list for a two-bedroom home as she believes she is entitled to special treatment.

A source told the Mirror: "She is extremely demanding, and for Tracey it's all about her. She wants her own nice flat but when you come out of jail you get what you are given, but Tracey won't accept that.

Tracey Connelly

"The greatest irony is that she sees herself as the victim in all of this, so expects to be looked after."

Connelly was jailed in 2009 for allowing her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen to torture her son, Peter, to death.

The little boy was found dead in 2007 aged just 17 months. His body was covered in horrific injuries including a broken back.

Steven Barker, partner of Connelly, was given a 12-year sentence by the judge for his role in the killing of Baby P and a concurrent life sentence for raping a two-year-old girl

She was released last year after a parole board deemed she was not a threat to the public.

Connelly is currently living in a bail hostel in the north of England awaiting re-housing.


If she were to fall pregnant she would face a legal battle to keep the child as social services would push for the child to be taken out of her care.

Such a case would likely be paid for by legal aid at a cost to the taxpayer.