10/02/2014 04:58 GMT | Updated 10/02/2014 06:59 GMT

eBay Prices For Phones With 'Flappy Bird' Installed Reach £1,000 - But Is Anyone Buying?

Gaming mega hit 'Flappy Bird' was successful partly because it was free - but now it's dead? You'll have to pay.

The game's creator Nguyen Dong removed the game from the iOS and Google Play app stores over the weekend, after saying his life had been wrecked by its incredible success.

And now phones which have the now unavailable app installed are apparently going for a bomb on eBay.

Several listings for devices with the game pre-installed have appeared on the site, with at least one receiving a bid of almost £400.

It's not unusual for an iPhone to sell for hundreds of pounds, of course. But to sell above market value specifically because it has the "rare" game installed? That's new.

There are several other listings for Flappy Bird phones. This 16GB iPhone 4S is listed for £350, while an HTC One with Flappy Bird installed is listed for £525.

Someone is even attempting to sell an iPhone 3GS - a phone which has been off the market for several years - for £1,000 with the game installed.

What's less clear is whether anyone is actually paying for these phones.

There are no completed or sold listings for devices with the game pre-installed, and it's possible any bids received so far are intended as hoaxes.

Indeed the man behind the £1,000 lot - which has since risen to £2,500, incidentally - appears to have his tongue firmly in his cheek even if - as he admits - it's "worth a shot":

Of course, if you haven't got the game already there are alternatives… Even if most of them are best avoided too.