Selfies With Homeless People Is A New Vile Trend

Welcome to the crummy new depths being plumbed by the "selfie" genre – selfies with homeless people.

Yep, just to be clear, that’s selfies with homeless people.

Because what better way is there of showing compassion and respect for those less fortunate, than by sneakily photographing them over your shoulder as you beam into the lens of an iPhone?

The tumblr in question is collated by Jason Feifer, who also brought us Selfies At Serious Places (Chernobyl, anyone?) and Selfies At Funerals.

Feifer documents and compiles these disturbing trends but he doesn't endorse them.

The publication adds Feifer has since added a line asking readers if they’ve been made angry enough to donate, and provides links to homelessness organisations in the United States.

A spokesman for Spires, a charity for homeless and disadvantaged people in Britain, told HuffPost UK the organisation was “surprised” and “disgusted” by the phenomenon.

She added: “These selfies show homeless people when they are at their most vulnerable and low. Homelessness can affect anyone, have they ever heard of ‘putting yourself in someone else’s shoes?’”

“This particular tumblr is a true example of the failure of actually ‘seeing’ that the people they are making fun of are at their most vulnerable.”

If you’d like to help a rough sleeper rather than laugh at them, there are numerous charities in Britain (and indeed the world) which support just that.

Across London, the No Second Night Out scheme is committed to ensuring no individuals arriving on the streets will spend a subsequent night there.

You can help by calling the Rough Sleeping Phoneline on 0870 383 333 or Streetlink on 0300 500 0914.

You can also make reports using this online map.