Diablo Delenfer Spends £10,000 On Body Modifications To Look Like The Devil - Now He'd Like A Tail

But one man has fixated on a particular common figure that may make online dating and shopping at the local supermarket a bit of a challenge: Diablo Delenfer has spent £10,000 slowly transforming himself into a traditional image of the devil.

Diablo - real name Gavin Paslow - featured on Channel 5's programme 200 Nips & Tucks And I Want More!, revealing his difficult journey that began in 2007.

He began with horns - teflon implants that were formed on his forehead, followed by fangs and forking his tongue.

It all also sounds incredibly painful. "One person stands behind you with two clamps," he said, "and literally pulls your tongue out and apart and the other person starts cutting. It's a really bizarre feeling actually."

He then, reported The Daily Mirror, decided to have his entire face tattooed, as well as forming his ears into a more pointy shape. The riskiest part of his transformation however, has been having his eyes tattooed - a procedure that carries a risk of blindness if the cornea is punctured.

"You can't be scared of pain if you're Devil Man," says Diablo, and the real kicker is that all these body modifications - due to UK law - have had to be done without anaesthetic.

*Pause for effect*

Despite his appearance, he says that this is about his ideas of body image - it hasn't got anything to do with his religious leanings.

"I am a human curiosity but body modification is my life's journey," he was reported saying on The Daily Mail. "It's a little bit weird, a little bit eccentric but that's what I am. I chose to become the Devil Man because everything else has been done, whether here or in America. I'm not Satanic at all - it's just a piece of fun."

Diablo has said that there have been repercussions that he hadn't thought of before doing this (a no sh*t Sherlock moment if ever we heard one), but that he hasn't given up on love, despite acknowledging it will be hard to meet someone.