Lykoi 'Werewolf' Cats Bred In Tennessee

Lykoi 'Werewolf' Kittens Are Now A Thing

With their coarse fur and golden eyes, it’s no surprise this unique breed of feline is becoming known as the “werewolf cat”.

Lykoi cats are usually hairless around their faces and extremities and derive from a litter produced by a father with a Sphinx mutation and a black domestic short-hair mother, Fox 17 reports.

The channel adds that tests run at the University of Tennessee and UC Davis show the cats are clear of genetic diseases and skin abnormalities.

The Gobble family of Vonore, Tennessee, are just one of seven registered Lykoi breeders worldwide.

According to their website, veterinarian Johnny Gobble has been “breeding different species of plants and animals since he was fifteen.”

It adds: “He has studied general genetics, population genetic dynamics, groups genetics and breeding genetics in college.”

While no kittens are currently available (“due to the small gene pool we are working hard to outcross these special kitties to create genetic diversity and a healthy breed”), the Gobble family hope to sell them regularly from 2016.

A Facebook page dedicated to the Lykoi cat states the animals are not large, with females weighing up to 2kg and males up to 3.2kg.

They are described as “very quiet” and “loving” and often appear to be “praying with their hands clasped together”.


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