As accusations of guilt and protestations of innocence flew about under the star filled night sky it felt like we'd been teleported back 400 years to the Salem Witch Trials. It was staggering how a simple card game can provide such a fascinating looking glass into the human soul - evasion, persuasion, suspicion, suggestion you'll see it all here.
Musing that it is likely to be a large breed that has been let go by owners who can no longer care for, Christian guesses
An 8ft tall hairy creature which can stand upright like a man is said to be prowling a derelict industrial area just outside
It's only natural that we begin to consider monsters at this time of year: Halloween is upon us and vampires, witches and
The president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, has adopted a Jewish grandson in order to prevent him becoming a werewolf
Terrified residents in a town in Brazil are on lockdown after a spate of werewolf sightings saw a night-time curfew imposed
With their coarse fur and golden eyes, it’s no surprise this unique breed of feline is becoming known as the “werewolf cat
Last year Paleo diet followers copied the caveman, in 2014 there is a new diet guru to imitate: the werewolf. The moon diet