13/02/2014 06:42 GMT | Updated 13/02/2014 08:59 GMT

These Are The Funniest 'Flappy Bird' GIFs On The Internet


'Flappy Bird' is dead, and not just because its creator pulled the game offline. It's dead because almost every possible angle of coverage has been exhausted - whether it's remakes, think-pieces, hacks or tips and tricks.

In fact about the only thing left to do is post the six best GIFs featuring the game and then stop.



Floculus Bird is a remake of Flappy Bird in 3D. You can play it here.

Mario meets Flappy Bird, disaster ensues (Via Oestrahomundodek)

Then Yoshi meets Flappy Bird, disaster ensues (Via Oestrahomundodek)

Dr Who meets Flappy Bird, with equally disastrous results.

You can now play Flappy Bird with thousands of other people at once.

And when you die you can hit your phone with a hammer: