Russell Brand Vs Jon Snow: Comedian Loses His Temper During Heated Talks On Drugs And Revolution (VIDEO)

Russell Brand Vs Jon Snow: Comedian Loses His Temper

In a heated interview last night, Russell Brand was left tongue-tied after being confronted over his latest campaign by veteran news anchor Jon Snow.

Brand was speaking to Channel 4 News about his plans to change the UK's drug laws which MPs must now debate.

But he struggled to explain his strategy when Snow accused the actor of accidentally supporting the government with his "confused" manifesto.

Brand repeatedly interrupted the presenter’s questions, and appeared visibly flustered when he was accused of being "a Tory stooge."

“I came on here to promote [the drug law campaign] and we don’t even need to promote it," Brand argued.

“I don’t even need to be here. I refuse to be drawn on this subject.

“You know that parliamentary democracy doesn’t truly help people. Don’t tell me that politics works. Just don’t.”

Brand has called for a political revolution to overthrow the current system because it is the only way he "can be enthused about politics”.

He has revealed he has never voted, and he never will. Why? Because the political system has created a "disenfranchised, disillusioned underclass".

But Snow, 66, accused the comic of doing the Government’s work for them and queried how Brand could ever expect to change drug laws if he refused to vote.

He said: “There’s confusion here Russell. You say you don’t vote, but you are asking people to sign a petition so that politicians, that you don’t want them to vote for, are going to have to debate.

“In effect you are doing the Government’s work for them because the very people you are saying don’t vote are young people suffering from the cuts.”

Brand insisted: “That’s not what I’m doing. I’m demonstrating that politicians are completely out of touch.”

He said: “Look – listen, you. Let me talk. [Drug law reform] is more important than you, an entertainer, getting me, another entertainer, to cook up a wacky version of politics so you can make me look a bit daft.”

Asked if he still wanted a revolution, Brand replied: “You know I do. That’s the reason that I’m here.

“I want a revolution in the way we regard addiction as a disease, the way we treat drug addicts.”


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