Woman, Kayla Michelle Finley, Jailed For Not Returning Film She Rented In 2005

Woman Jailed For Not Returning Video

While the film itself may have been criminal, a woman in America has received a rather harsh punishment for not returning a copy of 'Monster-in-Law' - jail.

Kayla Michelle Finley, 27, from South Carolina, rented the video in 2005 and spent a night in prison after police discovered she had an active warrant petit larceny.

The shop from which she rented the video isn't even in business any more.

Finley wrote to Fox Carolina via Facebook: "It's obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do.

"I fully intend on fighting this. It's ridiculous that I had this happen to me."

Police say that letters informing her of the warrant were sent out years ago but Finlay denies any knowledge of them.

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