Neknomination: Bradley Eames Becomes Third British Person To Die From Craze After Downing Two Pints Of Gin

Neknomination Fad Claims Third British Victim

A third British man is thought to have fallen victim to the deadly NekNominate craze.

Young people have been warned against taking part in the drinking craze which has swept the nation, following the deaths of three men who had participated in the game.

Salesman Bradley Eames from Nottingham, died days after necking two pints of neat gin.

The 20-year-old from Nottingham filmed himself downing two pint glasses of the spirit and posted the video online, telling his friends he had to "show who is boss."

Speaking directly to the camera he said: "Right, I've been watching you guys do the Neknominate, but to me I don't think they're good, so I bought myself some Gordon's gin and this is how you drink."

He poured himself a pint and drank it, stopping half-way through to gag. Then he immediately poured another, while his hands violently shook and quickly downed it.

He then took to Facebook and complained that his stomach was hurting, the Mirror reported.

He died just days later.

It is estimated he consumed almost 30 shots of the alcohol in the two-minute video before challenging friends to outdo him.

Neknominate has also been linked to the death of two men in Ireland – Jonny Byrne, 19, and Ross Cummings, 22 – earlier this month.

Mr Eames’ death comes after police said they planned to talk to the person who “Neknominated” Isaac Richardson, also 20, who went on to drink a cocktail of wine, whisky, vodka and lager.

Officers are also investigating the death of Stephen Brooks, 29, who collapsed after drinking three quarters of a litre of vodka in under a minute for the online dare.

A top solicitor has said police should be allowed to step in if the craze continues to kill.

Julian Young said drinkers who nominate their friends in the Neknominate craze could face manslaughter charges if the dare results in death.

He warned: “If someone knew what the outcome could be, that it could cause death, there could be a prosecution. It might be manslaughter.”

It could also be illegal if people were attacked or animals hurt as a result.


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