Bishops Attacking The Coalition: A Brief History Of Religious Leaders Vs Benefit Cuts

Another day, and another of those pesky religious leaders has attacked the government over welfare reform.

This time it's Vincent Nichols, the leading Roman Catholic cleric in England and Wales, who has branded the Coalition's welfare reforms as a "disgrace" which leave vulnerable people facing "hunger and destitution".

The PM got himself into a spot of bother when he responded, being pulled up for a dodgy statistic when he explained why he thought Nichols was "profoundly wrong".

We "should not be surprised, and nor should we be dismissive, when members of the clergy make their views known", he wrote, insisting he welcomed the Archbishop's contribution.

Given the battering his polities have taken from the church in recent times, he could be forgiven for thinking the exact opposite.

Here's a brief recap:

The Archbishop of Canterbury

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