Boy, 10, Who Claimed He Was A Dwarf Who Forgot His Driving Licence Is Caught Joyriding Again

The car keys were in the ignition, the boy's mother explained (file picture)
The car keys were in the ignition, the boy's mother explained (file picture)
Michael Bodmann via Getty Images

Well he’s done it again.

The diminutive Norwegian joyrider was this time spotted on a national highway, having “borrowed” his aunt’s black Opel Zafira, Verdens Gang reports.

His exasperated mother told the newspaper: “It was my sister’s car he took. [The] car keys were in the car so unfortunately it was easy for him.

“We were very scared, it’s just a pain every time.”

The boy had covered an impressive 3-4 miles from Fagernes to Tonsåsen before he was pulled over. Norway Today reports he was unharmed and the vehicle was not damaged, following the incident on Wednesday evening.

A police spokesman added the boy was "handed over to his relatives".

It comes just a fortnight after the little chap was caught behind the wheel of his parents’ car – with his 18-month-old baby sister gurgling happily in the passenger seat.

On that occasion he managed to wedge the vehicle in a snowdrift at 6am, Norwegian daily Dagbladet revealed.

A passing snowplough driver who went to help was the recipient of the boy’s somewhat bizarre explanation.

Of her wayward son’s latest exploits, his mother added: “The temptation was too great. He is a boy who likes adventure and excitement.”

You can say that again. No word as to whether he used the “I’m a dwarf” defence this time…