Sochi Closing Ceremony: Dancers' Joke About Olympic Rings Failure

The piste has been bumpy, to say the least, at the Sochi Winter Olympics, but Russia has blazed past the finish line.

The 2014 Winter Games capped off the most expensive Olympic Games ever and 98 events over more than two weeks of competition, with the closing ceremony at Fisht Stadium in the Olympic Park on Sunday.


Sochi 2014 creative director Konstantin Ernst showed he could joke about the lighting misfire during a press conference before the closing ceremony by sporting a T-shirt with the four Olympic rings and a snowflake.

During the closing ceremony, dancers who made the shape of the Olympic rings kept the fifth ring scrunched as part of their routine.

“The Closing Ceremony is always different from the Opening Ceremony,” Ernst told reporters. “In our case we decided to turn the Opening Ceremony into a kind of blockbuster, whereas the Closing Ceremony will be more down the art-house avenue.”

On Twitter, social media users enjoyed the joke.