26/02/2014 07:46 GMT | Updated 26/02/2014 07:59 GMT

Oasis Announce 'Definitely Maybe' Reissue: Here Are 9 Alternative Announcements

Oasis sent their fans into a frenzy with a cryptic Facebook video post last night, only to unveil that their 'big news' was a reissue of their first three albums.

Ho hum.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary the Britpop idols, who split in 2009, will first reissue their 1994 debut 'Definitely Maybe'.

The band’s official website has also been relaunched today featuring rare material, audio and video.

As great as this news is, it's kind of left us feeling a little, well, deflated.

Here are 9 alternative announcements we really wish Oasis had made...

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