'Mary Johnston Is Ready For Reviews': Woman Listed As Tourist Attraction On Tripadvisor

LOOK: Woman Lists Herself On Tripadvisor, Becomes 87th Best Attraction In Glasgow

Mary Johnson somehow ended up as Glasgow's 87th best tourist attraction in the listings on Tripadvisor.

She was listed as "ready for reviews", with the site asking users to "share your experience."

Johnston later told the Scotsman that she has been trying to get the page taken down from Tripadvisor, which she didn't set up herself and she says may have been caused by a "bug in the system".

“I’m already a user and I went on recently to review somewhere in Amsterdam so it may have happened then," she said.

“I’m not a huge traveller, but I do like city breaks and have visited places such as Prague, Krakow, Lisbon and places like that. At least it is a good picture of me.”

UPDATE: Thanks to @BiscuitAhoy for her review, which is pending:

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