28/02/2014 05:25 GMT | Updated 28/02/2014 05:59 GMT

Orproject Proposes Giant Domes To Project Beijing From Air Pollution 'Nuclear Winter'

Beijing is a massive, intoxicating metropolis - sadly, often literally.

The Chinese megalopolis has fought many notorious recent battles with air pollution, and one recent outbreak (dubbed 'nuclear winter') forced citizens to remain in their homes until it cleared because of the potential danger to health.

Now a team of British architects has a solution which definitely can't go wrong and make everything worse.

Orproject, which is based in London, has published its concept for a system of giant bubble-like structures to be built in public places in badly-affected cities across Asia.

The idea is that inside the bubbles, air quality could be controlled and regulated by giant pumps, which, yes, might make the problem outside the domes worse, but oh well.

The specific concept, as picked up by the Mail, is for a single large park surrounded by sustainable housing on all sides - like a massive, new Central Park contained inside a plastic wrapper. But the firm adds that smaller, local versions could also be built - say for school playgrounds or shopping centres.

It says the idea is not purely conceptual, but made feasible by the development of algorithm-based structure designs, new materials and construction methods.

Orproject says:

"Orproject proposes the construction of an enclosed park within the city. The park houses a botanical garden, the air inside the park is clean, and temperature and humidity are controlled throughout the year. The buildings surrounding the park, which are connected to the controlled air system, can house apartments, offices and retail, but may also offer sports or medical facilities which make specific use of the healthy air."

Take a look at how the idea works over at Orproject's website.