Jack Russell Puppy Travels 12 Miles Wedged In Car Engine (PICTURES)

Puppy Power! Betty Boop The Jack Russell Survives 12 Mile Journey Wedged In Car Engine (PICTURES)

This little hound proved she is made of strong stuff – after enduring a 12 mile journey trapped in the engine of a car – without so much as a scratch.

Three-month-old Betty Boop managed to worm her way into the engine of a neighbour’s Audi A4 before becoming stuck.

Car owner Gavin Juliette made a 12-mile round trip from Ordsall to Swinton, Salford, before he heard barking coming from the engine.

Well really: Betty Boop peers out from her cramped quarters in the engine of an Audi A4

Upon lifting the bonnet he found Betty Boop peering back at him.

Juliette and the dog’s owner Gary James quickly took the engine apart and freed the hound, who emerged completely unscathed.

James says Betty Boop is as happy as ever after her ordeal.

He said: “We just couldn’t believe what had happened and it was even harder to believe how she’d survived.

Owner Gary James says the three-month-old hound is as good as new

“It’s a good job Gavin wasn’t going to Blackpool or he’d have probably ended up with a hot dog.

“When I first saw her in there I thought she was bound to be injured or badly burned – but, apart from being covered in oil and a bit shaky, she was fine.”

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