05/03/2014 17:21 GMT | Updated 05/03/2014 17:59 GMT

4 Stunning Concept Pictures Of The Permanent Memorial To Norway's Utoya Victims

The design for a permanent memorial to the victims of the Utoya massacre has been chosen, with Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg coming up with the winning concept. Dahlberg proposed to strike a wound or cut within the headland overlooking the Island where Anders Breivik opened fire, killing 69 - mainly children - and injuring more than 100 in 2011.

According to the artist, the design for the headland, which lies north of the camp on Utoya, would be a symbol of the physical scar and the permanent loss of those killed in the tragedy of 22 July three years ago.

According to the judges, Dahlberg's design reveals a “three-and-a-half-metre wide excavation running from the top of the headland at the Sorbraten site to below the waterline and extending to each side. This gap in the landscape will make it impossible to reach the end of the headland."

They added: "Part of the headland will be removed and visitors will not be able to touch the names of those killed, as these will be engraved into the wall on the other side of the slice out of nature. The void that is created evokes the sense of sudden loss combined with the long-term missing and remembrance of those who perished."

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